Celebrating our 10th anniversary

We would like to thank all our many attendees for allowing us to provide your training over the past 10 years. It has been real pleasure to meet with so many people from different nations.

We are looking forward to an end to the Covid 19 travel restrictions so that we can recommence training in Summer 2021.

On-line training

Throughout the lockdown period (caused by the Covid 19 pandemic), we have received many enquiries for on-line training. We have looked into the possibility of providing on-line training as an alternative to our normal classroom sessions, but due to the high level of practical content within our courses we are regretfully unable to offer on-line courses at this time.

Course postponement

As a precaution to our attendees and staff, we have suspended all our training courses until the nationwide Covid-19 restrictions here in the UK have been repealed.