Earth Station commissioning and fault diagnosis

BDE-MaskThis course is for technicians who operate or maintain satellite ground segment equipment. It covers both the hub earth station and remote VSAT terminals. Due to the huge differences in different systems we do not cover specific hub controllers (TDMA, CDMA, DAMA etc.)

Lasting One day, the course is split into two sessions:

Morning: A classroom session explaining the procedures and test equipment

Afternoon: A practical session in which the participants assemble, configure and test (in the classroom) a complete SCPC Voice / data link comprising of:

  • Telephones and laptops
  • Modems
  • Upconverter and BUC
  • Downconverter and LNB
  • Test Loop Translator


Procedures and tests

  • Antenna alignment
  • Antenna measurement
  • Carrier power (multi-carrier)
  • Uplink power control and stability
  • Carrier mask
  • Spurious
  • BER performance
  • Amplitude response
  • Carrier line up procedure

Fault diagnosis

  • Antenna assembly and alignment
  • Interference
  • Clocking
  • Distortion and spurious


Preparation details

Participants:  Due to the “hands-on” session, the maximum number of students is 5

Location:       Due to the equipment required, we can only run this course at a site close to our facility or if run at the customer site, the customer must provide the test equipment

Lunch:            Lunch is provided. Please notify us of any special dietary requirements beforehand

Materials:       A course handbook is provided for each participant to use and then afterwards keep

Experience:    Each participant should have a background in satellite communications