Earth Station Planning and Implementation

BDE-RFI-surveyThis is one module from the five day “Earth station engineering” course and is written for Engineers and Technicians who have already completed our two day “Satellite communications” course.
As its name implies, the course covers the planning of a Satellite earth station and its implementation and operation.



System considerations

  • Transmission lines
  • Antennas
  • Signal levels


  • Compression / acceleration / caching
  • ACM
  • Spectrum usage


  • Site survey
  • RFI
  • Electrical
  • Equipment cooling
  • Backhaul

Procedures and tests

  • Carrier measurements
  • Data measurements
  • Multicarrier
  • Interference

Production and installation

  • Project demarcation
  • Documentation
  • Installation tools and plant
  • Alignment and activation

Operation and maintenance

  • Staffing
  • Test equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Safety
  • De-commissioning

Preparation details

Duration             One day

Participants       No limit

Location             We often hold this course in a conference room in a hotel or at the customer site

Lunch                Lunch is provided. Please notify us of any special dietary requirements beforehand

Materials            A course handbook is provided for each participant to use and then afterwards keep

Prerequisites     Each participant should have completed our “Satellite Communications” course