Who attends your courses?

Our clients include ISP’s, Broadcasters, Telcos, NGO’s, Corporations, Training companies, Equipment manufacturers and System integrators.

I have completed a Satellite course at University what benefit are your courses to me?

Around 20% of our attendees have completed a Satellite engineering course at University and all have commented on the way our courses compliment this. For example, whilst a University course will explain (in great depth) the mathematics behind various error correction codes and modulation schemes, we expand on this to show how to select and optimise these for each application and space segment lease. If you want to attend a University course before attending one of ours, the UK has world class universities providing courses in Satellite engineering and we would be happy to suggest a few.

Do you train earth station operators?

Yes we write and present bespoke courses for Earth station (MCR / NOC) operators.

Do you provide equipment training?

Yes we produce training material and present courses for equipment manufacturers and system integrators.

Can you provide “hands on” (practical) training?

We provide practical courses at our Hampshire office and are happy to conduct similar courses using client owned equipment at their own site.

Do you provide training for individuals?

Regretfully it is only economical for us to provide training to class sizes of 5 or more attendees.

Do you provide training outside of the UK?

All our training courses are conducted within the UK.

Do you provide on-line training?

Sorry we do not provide on-line training.

Can you provide training in terrestrial communications?

We strongly believe that a trainer must teach from experience and so although we do have knowledge of terrestrial communications we only offer courses in Satellite communications.