Satellite Communications

BDE-9m-dish_editedThis course last two days and is written for Engineers and Technicians who are actively involved in the satellite communications industry or who wish to gain an “in-depth” understanding of the technology.




  • The satellite orbit
  • Frequency bands
  • Satellite block diagram
  • Earth station block diagram
  • Traffic types
  • Typical signal levels
  • Regulatory matters
  • Future trends

      Satellite modem

  • Modem block diagram
  • Terrestrial interfaces
  • Drop and Insert
  • Doppler compensation
  • Clocking
  • Overheads
  • Remote monitor and control
  • Forward Error Correction
  • Modulation
  • Pre-distortion
  • DVB-S
  • Carrier reuse
  • Optimisation


     Frequency converters

  • Block vs dual conversion
  • Spectral inversion
  • Phase noise
  • Filtering
  • Group delay

     Power amplifier

  • TWTA vs SSPA
  • Linearization
  • Power combining


  • Linear and Circular polarisation
  • Multi-port
  • Motorisation

      System considerations

  • Uplink power control
  • Carrier slope
  • Signal level
  • Interference
  • Acquisition range

Preparation details

Participants        The minimum number of participants is typically 5. The maximum is unlimited

Location              We often hold this course in a conference room in a hotel or at the customer site

Lunch                  Lunch is provided. Please notify us of any special dietary requirements beforehand

Materials             A course handbook is provided for each participant to use and then afterwards keep

Experience         Each participant should have a background in communications engineering