Introduction to our satellite training courses

Photo of BDE training courseCompetitive advantages occur when you maximise the use of your existing resources, whether they be space segment or labour.

Through our specialist trainers, we believe that Brightday Engineering is one of the most experienced companies offering technical training in Satellite communications:

  •     Experienced in Earth station design and commissioning
  •     Over 70 different training courses written to date
  •     Authorised trainer for SatmasterPro

From a wealth of experience at numerous teleports and hub earth stations (up to 32 metres), we can offer the rare combination of training based on real life examples.

We are not affiliated to any equipment manufacturer and this gives us the ability to provide unbiased training based on the very latest developments in the industry.

Whether you want to introduce new recruits into our industry or train your chief engineer to undertake link budgets we are sure that we can meet your requirements.

We have a wide range of standard Satellite and VSAT training courses but also assemble bespoke courses that are tailored to your specific requirements ensuring that your business benefits as well as your staff.